• Maintenance of elevators

  • Modernization / automation of elevators
  • Security system

  • Sale of spare parts

Maintenance of elevators

Asytec provides the service of preventive and corrective maintenance in elevators of any brand.

Asytec has highly trained professional technicians in the elevator area, which guarantees our customers a correct operation of their equipment, and 24/7 emergency call service.

Modernization / automation of elevators

Asytec performs the automation of elevators (any brand) with Italian technology and Japanese technology, thus ensuring our customers a super soft start, deceleration and stop in addition to exact leveling.

CCTV surveillance system

Asytec incorporates the installation of CCTV surveillance system through high definition antibandálicas cameras at any point of the building and inside elevator also has a point of engraving and ip receivers (wireless)

Access control system

Asytec performs the installation of access controls of high quality and safety at various points, such as pedestrian entrances, vehicular, additional to use these systems for the elevator for privatization of floors and income control through a card system.

Sale of spare parts

Asytec has a wide range of high quality original spare parts in stock:

· Cabin and counterweight rails
· Italian Motors (gear / gearless)
· Mitsubishi type cab and hall headboards
· Japanese Yaskawa frequency inverters
· Various models buttons for hall and booth call
· Sale of electronic boards (cards) for elevators with position indicators

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